Łukasz Chrząszcz

Digging deep in tech so you don't have to

Rejected a senior, hired a junior

Why technical knowledge is not an excuse for not being a team player

We work so hard to boost our technical knowledge, that we sometimes forget to improve soft side as well. Being a team player, communicating clearly and helping others can get you further than tirelessly coding and tackling tasks.

Why you should care about performance review

Uncovering the hidden benefits of taking reviews seriously

Performance reviews might seem like a chore, but they hold the key to unlocking your career potential. Learn why putting effort into your self-evaluation can lead to promotions, raises, and a deeper sense of purpose in your work.

5 tips how to read and learn from books

Practical strategies for effective reading

Discover how simple changes to your reading habits can have a profound impact on your knowledge and personal growth. This article offers practical tips for efficiently absorbing information and sharing it with others, enhancing both your learning and your professional presence. Dive into the strategies that will help you make the most of your reading time

My thoughts on Culture Map

Navigating Multinational Leadership: Insights from "Culture Map" by Erin Meyer

Explore the captivating world of multicultural leadership. Discover surprising cultural insights, personal experiences, and valuable tools from Erin Meyer's "Culture Map" that can transform the way you lead and collaborate in diverse global teams.

My thoughts on Atomic Habits

How Atomic Habits could be used by a software engineer?

We as software engineers are usually highly interested in technical topics, but usually neglect soft-skill part our work. I've discovered that learning such skills might benefit my day-to-day work even more than learning yet another technology. Let's see how we could use knowledge from Atomic Habits!