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Why you should care about performance review

Uncovering the hidden benefits of taking reviews seriously

Performance reviews might seem like a chore, but they hold the key to unlocking your career potential. Learn why putting effort into your self-evaluation can lead to promotions, raises, and a deeper sense of purpose in your work.

My thoughts on Corporate Rebels

Personal insights on making work meaningful

Feeling stuck in your 9-to-5 routine? 'Corporate Rebels' offers a breath of fresh air with insights and practical advice on shaking things up for the better. Get inspired to make your work life a source of happiness and growth and read my thoughts after reading the book.

My thoughts on Culture Map

Navigating Multinational Leadership: Insights from "Culture Map" by Erin Meyer

Explore the captivating world of multicultural leadership. Discover surprising cultural insights, personal experiences, and valuable tools from Erin Meyer's "Culture Map" that can transform the way you lead and collaborate in diverse global teams.