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How did I end up here writing a blog?

Posted by Łukasz Chrząszcz on Saturday, August 19, 2023


I am Łukasz and I am a software engineer - since I was 9 😄.

What can I say about myself? I always want to reach deeper understanding of the stuff I am dealing with. How exactly is rebalancing in Kafka implemented? How does Zookeeper reach its consensus? Those are the questions that inspire me to dig in the code and share my findings with others.

In my opinion the most important virtue of a software engineer is eagerness to understand the principles that drive almost all technologies, since libraries, frameworks, and databases come and go, but principles last forever. That enables us to grasp a brand-new technology quicker and understand its pros and cons better.

Although I try hard to tackle complex issues on this blog, by all means I do not feel like an absolute expert, so I highly encourage you to drop a comment here and there to let me know what you think. I am always keen on discussing tech stuff, since it is the quickest way to learn.


  • Evolutionary Architecture in Allegro - Allegro Tech Meetup, Kraków, 2019 - I presented the journey from the very first design diagram to the working e-mail tracking system in production. I showed how we worked with the architecture every time we discovered something new about the problem. Presentation is in Polish.
  • Rebalancing in Apache Kafka - Allegro Tech Meeting 2021 - I showed how does Kafka perform rebalancing, what is crucial to know when you are debugging weird drops of performance in production and why it might be connected to how you configured your Kafka consumers. Presentation is in Polish.
  • Introduction to Apache Kafka - JUGademy, 2022 - I explained the basics of Apache Kafka. Presentation is in Polish.

Need help?

I am open to help you with your problems with all technologies that I am writing about here on the blog, so feel free to reach out to me. Let’s meet, drink a coffee together and discuss how I can help you :)

Check out a dedicated page how I can help you! :)

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